Kellie Ho and the rest of the team at Brooklyn’s own Aroma Gifts and Home Décor are looking for contributing authors for our aromatherapy and home décor blog. We prefer to work with writers who are already well-trained, with a finely honed craft and a well-defined voice. However, we will absolutely make exception for rusty writers who have novel ideas for interesting and informative content. Don’t worry, we can shift those commas and tweak your grammar, so long as the content is good.

If you’re in the aromatherapy or home décor industries, or even if you’re a hobbyist who does this on the side, let’s chat. We have some great ideas – just not enough writers to write about them. Send us an email with some of your own content ideas, and we’ll put you to work. And lest you think this is purely one-sided, we’ll be happy to namedrop your site on your pieces!