Greetings, gift givers and home décor enthusiasts! I’m Kellie Ho, and gift giving and home décor is my business. Aroma Gifts and Home Décor of Brooklyn, New York, started out as a pet project and quickly grew into the third largest gift and home décor shop in the greater Brooklyn and New York City market. Here, at Aroma Gifts and Home Décor, I’ve coupled my love for aromatherapy with my love of gift giving and tastefully appointed homes – or nests as I prefer to call them!

Whether you’re an individual or a fellow business owner, it would be great to talk with you about what I have to offer. We can partner together to offer better products to our consumers. As for those of you seeking aromatic gifts and home décor ideas, I’m eager to discuss those as well. So send me an email, and let’s talk about how aromatic gifts and home décor can improve all of our lives!