Walking into a professionally decorated living area is a breath of fresh air. There isn’t a television in the middle of the room but a coffee table or an ottoman. Therefore, remote controls do not litter the furniture. The shelves are not utilitarian but rather house a few tasteful books and perfectly chosen decor.

This can’t be real life. Where’s all the stuff?

The perfectly decorated home can’t be real, can it? They must have a junk drawer somewhere filled with paper clips, rubber bands, and miscellaneous pens. Where are the dirty dog toys? Even the throw is perfectly thrown over the back of the recliner inviting visitors to sit in comfort.

The key to the perfectly decorated home is storage!

The closets in a so-called perfect home are the secret. Organized closets are a housekeeper’s best friend. They don’t only hide our everyday items that don’t fit our perfect decor, but they allow it to be organized so it can be found when needed.

But let’s be honest, the average closet does not look like Martha Stewart has visited any time recently. Things are disheveled, boxes may have been opened and not closed, and things get thrown on the floor instead of being placed on shelves. The doors on our closets prevent us from the accountability of open shelving.

Boxes and Bins

Organization requires boxes and bins. They are necessary to keep things separated, stacked, and ready to be found. Closet boxes should be open-topped when used for clothing to prevent the stacking that leads to future messes. Pantries or storage closets may have closed, stacking bins when appropriate, but the risk of everything coming discombobulated should be considered.

Another problem with storage boxes and bins is that they’re never available when you need another. If a person does have many storage bins available, they take up valuable storage space. They’re bulky and unsightly. The best solution for this is fabric collapsible storage bins.

Don’t let storage hinder your look.

Most modern houses have ample storage space. It is a key design consideration for convenience but also to ensure that individuals have the chance to have a perfectly decorated home.

Where’s all the stuff? It’s hidden. Tucked away out of sight, so it looks like the owners only read the highest level of classic literature and sit gazing upon their fine belongings.

Hopefully, the closets in your home are not scary to open. There is something to be said for minimalism, but most people have some “stuff” they want to hold on to that simply doesn’t belong on display. Organized closets allow us to keep things beautiful.